Residential Solar PV Installation

For small business and homeowners, Charlotte Solar specializes in PV integrated sun trackers, solar shingles and solar panel installations. Solar shingles and Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity from the sun and lower your power bill each month.

When it comes to powering your home, the standard has always been to connect to the city power grid. However recent advances in photovoltaic (PV) solar power allow businesses and homeowners the option of installing solar power units, which integrate as roof shingles and/or panels on your home or business. Every day the sun showers the earth with several thousand times the amount of energy we use. Even the small amount of the sun’s rays that strike the roof of a home is many times the amount of energy that comes in through its electric wires. Today more and more builders are trying to harness this solar energy through integrated solar shingles. By doing so you could have a home which is more energy efficient, create zero pollution emissions, and can save you up to 60% on monthly energy costs.

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We work very closely with our residential clients, and are familiar with local North Carolina and South Carolina laws and regulations. We work closely with local city, county and state government as well as equipment manufacturers, inspection authorities, and local utility company so you don’t have to. We have even developed our own solar monitoring system which allows you to use your existing internet connection for you to visually see and monitor the amount of electricity your solar system generates.

Throughout the day we can tell you the amount of power your establishment has consumed and saved, from one internet accessible console. Technology has come a long way from the first PV installations back in the 1950’s. Let us show you the potential and help you live a greener lifestyle, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our residential configurations and installations include everything you need, and all in one package. Our industry experienced engineers, architects, designers and install crews will install and configure your system in a timely manner and leave your with a quality product which will generate you electricity for years to come.

Our complete solar power systems include the highly efficient solar panels, shingles and laminates and are backed by industry standard and efficient Xantrex inverters. Our systems include required wiring, combiner box and breakers (if needed) and Unirac Solar Mount rail mounting systems for rooftop installations.  If you would like to hear more about our products and services please feel free to contact us.